Clementine Lips

Rediscover erotism!

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Sexuality, and in particular, female sexuality, is too complex to be portrayed with only one type of story …

About the author

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Clementine Lips (Madrid, 1995) is a half-Spanish half-English erotica author who writes stories centered around female pleasure, inviting us to leave shame around sex and our bodies behind and immerse ourselves in the pleasure of self-discovery.

She shies away from coercion, so prevalent in the current sexual imagery, and focuses on women’s wishes.

Women want to tell the world how they like sex. Here's my contribution to our desire.

Redefining erotism

She wants to set examples of empowered women to help in the journey to a liberated society where women are free to explore their sexuality without feeling too “slutty” or too “prudish”. She writes hetero-, homo- and bisexual tales of lust in different situations:


Couples, one-night stands, alone, you name it.

Her passion

Clementine wants to create a collection of feminist erotic short stories and novels for women who are looking for a way to erotisize themselves without having to tolerate shaming, passivity or coercion in the stories they read. No more looking away from the things that irritate us while enjoying erotica.

Her stories are a safe space of empowerment and pleasure for women who are looking to reclaim their pleasure and their pussies.

Why does she write?

Clementine likes sex. What a surprise, right? However, when she looked for erotic material, she only found works that didn’t represent her: submissive women, women who don’t know themselves and who need to be saved from their “boring” sex life by a man, usually a billionaire, who knew in some cases even how to “tame” a woman.

Not finding what she was looking for, Clementine decided to create what she wanted to read herself. Stories with empowered women, knowledgeable owners of their sexuality:

Let's be clear: women know how to say yes to what they want, so when they say no, they mean no. No one knows our bodies better than ourselves.

And it’s not that submission stories shouldn’t exist. It’s that they shouldn’t be the only ones that exist. Female sexuality is too varied to be represented by just one type of story.

Are you curious?

If you are looking for quality erotica that is also a safe and ardent space, you are on the right track.

Rediscover yourself!

If us women don’t see ourselves reflected in all our diversity, we cannot be completely free. It’s the direct consequence of lack of representation. The possibility of imagining ourselves in different situations, with different tastes, is restricted. In the end, the idea that there is a hegemonic way of living (sexuality in this case) prevails. And this is not the case.

We have more and better sex education, but we still lack a variety of material to erotisize ourselves. That is why Clementine wants to share her stories. To broaden the diversity in erotica and thus broaden the collective imagination related to erotism, in particular that which has to do with the role of women in bed. The goal is to help women imagine more freely and thus rediscover and regain control of their sexuality and their pussies.

Although Clementine focuses primarily on the pleasure of women in her stories and began writing for women, everyone is welcome to read and enjoy the worlds she creates. There shouldn’t be erotica specifically “for women” or “for men”, because in many cases our sexualities will meet in bed. Let’s rediscover ourselves together.